Volunteers are Key

Volunteers are a vital component of ICP. Volunteers are recruited from universities, colleges, and the local community. Volunteers are students, lawyers, past clients, and local residents and professionals.

ICP volunteers have backgrounds in ESL, law, philanthropy, community work, education, advocacy, technology, and immigration.

We welcome new volunteers: Join us and:

  • Acquire new skills
  • Develop new friendships
  • Improve and inspire someone's life
  • Strengthen our community

What Skills Do You Need?

Share your special skills or knowledge as a volunteer. Training and shadowing opportunities are offered to all volunteers who come in with a warm smile, big heart, and passion for helping others.

ICP works with interns and volunteers on projects that match their special interest, and career goals, while helping the community at the same time.

Sign Up Today!

To volunteer, call CET at (408)-534-5215.

ICP Volunteer Opportunities:

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1. ESL and Citizenship Instructors & Class Aids

Assist with improving participants' English and communication skills by helping run a class

Duties include:

  • Teaching meaningful English and leadership curriculum
  • Supporting instructors with the curriculum prior to class
  • Tracking enrollment and placement
  • Troubleshooting

2. Immigration and Citizenship Support

Assist with processing applications and ensure that clients feel welcome and safe at ICP. Assist with orientations, workshops, group processing, and transcribing.

3. Legal Aides

Support BIA representatives and the Staff Attorney in providing participants with filling out forms, administering intake, screening for legal issues and conducting research.

4. Administrative Assistant

Gain office-skills and work-experience, while assisting the program in serving a large community seeking scarce services.

Duties include:

  • Answering phones
  • Collecting information
  • Data entry and filing
  • Greeting and referring clients to the appropriate staff member

5. Management Support

Work under the director of ICP and help implement management projects.

Interns gain advanced skills in fund development, fundraising, advocacy and administrative management.

This is ideal for a displaced professional or college student seeking to gain project management experience.

6. Public Relations and Outreach

Assist with media-relations and promotion of services by supporting the media database, maintaining website content, creating flyers, and assisting with fundraisers.

7. Other Projects and Internships

ICP welcomes creative projects that support our mission. Contact ICP to discuss your interest.

Volunteer Testimonial

Hello, my name is Hector Basulto.

I received help from CET ICP to become a U.S. Citizen. The program helped me with the complicated process of filling out the application for citizenship, answering the legal questions I had, and helping me prepare for my citizenship interview.

CET's citizenship classes really make you less fearful and gives you total confidence to take the citizenship interview...and pass!

I became a volunteer at CET after becoming a citizen because I wanted to give back to the community. Being bilingual, I really felt I could help the students with the questions on the application and with their understanding of the history and government of the United States. I really wanted to help them understand this important information, not just memorize it.

Helping students at CET become U.S. Citizens has been a very rewarding experience. I hope that when you read my story, you will consider joining us!