The CET programs provide the tools that students need to be out in the work force.

Margie Sanchez, California Solar Screens

We’ve been very successful with our recruitments from CET

Erin Wright, Safeway Stores

CET’s impact on the community … much further than what they do for my organization.

Kent Williams, SJB Child Care Centers

For an employer, one of many of the advantages of CET's model and open-entry, open-exit training approach is there is a year-round stream of job ready graduates in the skills offered in a given community. You do not have to wait to recruit from the next graduating class at the end of a semester. On an ongoing basis, simply contact the local center to match job ready students to the employment need.

If you are interested in hiring a graduate, or learning more about becoming an employer of CET job-skill trained people, please let us know about your company and its employment needs.

Hire a CET Graduate - Where Productivity Begins

Hire A CET Graduate

If you are interested in hiring a CET graduate, learning more about CET, or volunteering on the IAB/TAC please tell us about your business or employment needs.
  • CET matches job ready graduates to your business needs. If you are looking for a particular skill set or have a specific position to fill, we'd love to learn more about it.