Your Business Solution and Community Contribution

We know hiring the right skilled employee can be a challenge.  Reviewing resumes, going through the interview process and selecting the best candidate can be an arduous task whether your company is a small business or a large firm.  You want the right fit the first time around.  CET offers a unique opportunity for your business to do just that. For nearly five decades, CET has been providing relevant job skill training in local communities.  During the late 1960s,  CET in San Jose trained the workers who built today's epicenter of technology.  In San Diego, CET continues to train the welders who are the foundation of the shipping industry for both the U.S. Navy and commercial industry to name a few.  Across the nation, the healthcare industry has hired thousands of CET graduates. As the world and economy changes, CET has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing the business communities an avenue for a developing workforce. Through CET's advisory committees, industry has a direct impact on the workforce skills that are offered at CET. Whether it’s meeting with our Industrial Relations Specialists at your local CET to fill your hiring needs, participating on a Techical Advisory Committee (TAC) or Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), we are here to get you connected.

CET offers the following Employer Benefits

  • Reliable workforce – CET students do not just learn specific vocational skills; they understand what it means to be accountable to their company, their boss and themselves.
  • Relevant skills – The real world, to-the-minute training students receive at CET results in a flattened learning curve on the job. That means employers have workers who are capable of hitting the ground running from day one.
  • Motivated employees – There is a qualitative difference between employees who are there to just do the job and those who are inspired to do the job well. CET graduates by and large fall into the latter category because they are motivated by something greater than a steady paycheck.
  • Customized training – CET utilizes employer input to keep its training modules in alignment employer specifications. The result is cost savings for the employer with a higher success rate among trainees.
  • Big picture – Employers who hire CET graduates are an integral part of the drive to change the community for the better on a tangible level. And, their support of CET will undoubtedly inspire other corporations to take similar action, thus continually broadening CET’s sphere of influence.