Why Center for Employment Training?

We have a tried and true training model:

With over four decades of experience in job training, Center for Employment Training remains uniquely successful. CET provides hands on vocational skill training in a challenging, real world setting that puts students on the path to success.

“Dear Instructors: I have no words to thank you for your sharing, teaching and training. CET has been so helpful to me that I have been selected out of 8 other applicants for the same job, in spite of my zero experience. I want to share with you that possessing certificate as an electrician has helped me find a job after three years without one.”

- Kumar, CET Alumni San Jose

We develop partnerships with local community:

Interdependent partnerships with industry assure relevant curriculums for the current job market and employment opportunities for graduates.

We work with the whole person:

Each student is viewed as an individual, with personal abilities that can be directed into lifelong job success and self-sufficiency. The CET model includes life skills and human development to help students meet challenges and overcome obstacles to employment. They receive supportive services and resources to help them rise above their circumstances and make meaningful, positive contributions to their communities.

Long term benefits:

The atmosphere of respect, support and focus on a common goal, make CET a place where special connections can be made. CET changes lives.