Training Students for Real Jobs

CET training is unique in its approach. The contextual learning and competency-based skills training are key components of the CET model. Classrooms, shops and labs all emulate the industrial model that helps students socialize to the workplace environment. CET is keeping in step with today’s job market by incorporating in all of its training a “Green” element and gradually credentialing all of its courses to industry specifications. CET training is realistic, relevant and affordable.

Center for Employment Training does not create training courses in isolation. CET conducts key labor-market studies that ensure a program is viable with a future for growth in career and in wages. Through an active Industrial Advisory Board and Skill-specific Technical Advisory Committees, employer relationships are built to form a collaborative working together to help CET students, first gain the necessary basic and technical skills in training, and secondly, to assist them in securing employment when they graduate.

At CET - our mission is student success!



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