Birth of a Great Program – from “Sal-Si-Puedes” to Coast to Coast – 1967-2017

The year 2017 marks CET’s 50th Anniversary as a non-profit training organization. We are proud of the astounding success of the over 200,000 individuals served. Through skill training and human development, we have helped generations achieve the jobs needed to be self-sufficient.

Our humble story starts in San Jose, CA in 1967. Father Anthony Soto and former Peace Corp administrator, Russell Tershy, had a plan: train farmworkers for the emerging high-tech jobs in what was to become Silicon Valley. They witnessed the explosion of the technology revolution and saw many hard working, low income people being displaced and left behind, unable to take part in these new opportunities. Farmlands were being cleared to make way for this industrial growth and many were losing their only source of income. Their vision was to get people trained while focusing on the whole person, and help people get placed in the workforce.

It was a simple idea that caught on because it worked! Soon word of the programs’ success spread and community leaders in other locales asked if CET would open job training centers in their areas. And so we grew: CET expanded coast to coast. Fifty years later we still remain completely committed to our simple vision: train people for good jobs and help them get hired. The rest is history.

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